Vestnik SSUGT. Vol 27, No. 2, 2022


M. A. Altyntsev
The Study of Data Processing Results Acquired with Various Terrestrial Laser Scanners for Quality Control of Road Repair

N. S. Kosarev, V. A. Padve
Experience in Organizing GNSS-Observations at the Geodynamic Polygone of an Oil and Gas Field: Methodology, Data Processing and Analisis

V. I. Obidenko
On the Preservation of Spatial Data Created in CS-95 When Transition to SCS-2011

A. M. Tararin
Concept and Implementation of Basic Spatial Data Sets in the National Spatial Data System of The Russian Federation

G. A. Ustavich, I. A. Mezentsev, D. V. Birukov, D. A. Barannikov
The Technique of Technological Verifica-tion of the Image Scale by the Differences of the Exceedances Measured by the Reference and Verifiable Digital Levels

A. A. Sharafutdinova, M. Ja. Bryn
Technique for Designing and Constructing a Geodetic Network When Performing Terrestrial Laser Scanning at Industrial Object

A. A. Sholomitsky, N. T. Kemerbaev, S. G. Mogilny, S. N. Tsarenko
Deformation and Stress Analysis of Vertical Steel Shell of Tanks Based on Laser Scanning Data


Alovsat Shura-ogly Guliev, T. A. Khlebnikova
Study of the Possibilities of Processing Radar and Multi-Zone Space Images of the Underlying Surface

A. V. Komissarov, A. V. Remizov
Application Bim-Technologies and Laser Scanning for Reconstruction and Modernization of Objects


D. V. Vinogradov, L. A. Plastinin, V. P. Stupin
New Approaches to the Display Of Permafrost Landforms on Digital Topographic Maps of the Siberian Arctic Zone

D. S. Loginov
An Experience of Creating Predictive-Metallogenic Maps Based on Open Geological and Geophysical Data in GIS Environment

E. S. Utrobina, I. P. Kokorina, T. S. Molokina
Identifying A New Feature of Map Images, Represented in Mobile Devices


A. I. Kalenizkiy, A. N. Solowitskiy
Methodology for Creating a Model of Territorial Planning in Kuzbass

A. P. Karpik, V. B. Zharnikov
On the Interaction of Earth Sciences in the Development of the Country’s Oil and Gas Complex

E. N. Loseva
Study of the Impact of a Non-Homogeneous Urban Environment on the Cadastral Cost of Land Plots

E. G. Chernykh
Improving the Method for Assessing the Level of a Comfortable Urban Envi-ronment